Pet foods are animal or plant materials that are used by pets for their consumption. There are different kinds of pet foods that are sold in the market today. These are foods that are given to your pets. There are specific pet foods for different kinds of animals. This means that specific foods are given only to animals that are suited for the food. There are four companies that control the market for pet foods. These are the Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, Mars and Procter and Gamble.


There are demand for the foods of cats and dogs. The sales or amount of the pet foods are increasing every year. There are big amounts of pet food’s sales for dogs and cats. It only means that there are countries that need the pet foods badly. There are countries that are well known being the exporters of pet foods, these are the Netherlands, United Stated and France. If there are exporters, of course there are also countries that import the pet foods. These countries are the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

Fish Food

Pet foods include several pets that needed to be fed by owners. There are also fish foods that are of course intended only for fishes. There are companies worldwide that specialize in fish production. For them to do this, they need supply of fish foods. That is why there is the food for fishes. It is important that fishes have the necessary vitamins and nutrients for them to grow well and be able to produce income. It is very common that fish owners choose to feed their pets with prepared foods like pellets and flakes. Fish foods contain additives like sex hormones and beta carotene. These are important in order for the ornamental fish to reproduce and enhance their colors.

Bird Food

From the name itself, bird food is used to feed pet birds and birdfeeders. This food is generally made of several seeds. However, not all of the birds eat seeds. There are other birds like woodpeckers and nuthatches that eat insects in order to survive. Hummingbirds choose to feed nectar.

Cat Food

Cats are known to be carnivores. This means that they feed on other animals. But, there are also cats that feed on plants and animals supplement. Cat food is made for the cats to obtain nutrients and grow.

Dog Food

There is argument stating that dogs should eat leftover from human foods. Nowadays, there are commercial dog foods that are available in the store. Dog foods contain nutrients that make your dogs to be healthy. Dog foods can be served dry, wet and in canned form.

Raw Feeding

There are different ways on how pets are feed by owners either feeding them with prepared foods or raw feeding. The latter means that there are foods to be given for pets without cooking. Usually, these are the bones and meat. Other people believed that raw feeding is just like giving your pets a natural diet. This means that the ingredients are fresh and the nutrients are present on the foods. Wild animals feed on raw foods like meat and bones. Raw foods oppose commercial foods. Some pet owners believed that pets may acquire illnesses when they are feed by raw meats. Others also contradict this belief because for them, commercial foods are the best because it undergone studies and researches.

Human Food for Animals

It is true that cats and dogs and other animals need not to eat leftovers. Even if they are animals, they too need sufficient and nutritious foods. There are foods and beverages that are not safe for dogs and cats that include soft drinks, coffee and chocolate, grapes, raisins, inions and garlic as well as Macadamia nuts. Other foods that should be avoided by owners to serve for the dogs and cats are marinated foods like gravies and sausages. This is for the reason that these foods are toxic to animals. Xylitol, a sweetener that is present in chewing is also bad for them, for it is toxic.

Labeling and Regulation

FDA is one of the authorities that regulate all pet foods in United States. Before the pet foods are released and introduced to public, these foods should meet first the standard in pet food preparation and labelling. This is for the benefits of many pets as well as pet owners. If the pet food is safe for consumption of animals, there is no worry about their health. Foods must be complete and well balanced so that it will pass the standard of the said authority.

Before the pet foods are introduced, there are studies to be conducted first. The researchers will collect at least eight animals in which they will feed with the pet foods being studied. The foods will be given to the animals within 26 weeks. If six of them do not possess health problems when eating the pet foods, then, that is the only time that the pet food will pass the standard of the required authority. Weight of the animals should not lose during the testing process.

Every country has its own association that establishes support and maintains the standard of pet food preparation. This is very important so that every animal should have healthy body. Ingredients should be natural and nutritious. In the year 2013, melamine is discovered in canned foods for pets. Cans that are used in packing the pet foods have melamine which is dangerous when contaminated in the foods of the pets and also in human.

2007 Recalls

Starting in the month of March, year 2007, there are several pet foods that are made. Recalls are intended to make awareness about the pet foods that were served in the past years. Last February 2007, wheat gluten is discovered from Chinese company. This made the public complaints about the pet foods. Because of this, the specific company undergoes in examination and tests. This proves that during the trial test, there were animals that died but still the pet foods were released. That is the reason why there are bad effects of pet foods to animals.

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